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Bullant RH1350 Hydraulic Rotary Hoe

The heavy duty hydraulic rotary hoe has our usual dedicated signature features: competitive pricing, operator and maintenance friendliness, long service life and good presentation.

Having maintained other makes and models of rotary hoes and tillers, the Bullant Rotary Hoe has evolved with all known consistent inherit problem areas being improved, or eliminated all together.

Featuring hydraulic drive to both wheels and tines with overload relief valve, giving a much smoother operation than mechanical machines and with no mechanical drives or clutches to break or burn out.

Variable forward/reverse wheel speed from zero to a maximum of 34.5 meters per minute whilst maintaining full power to the tines. Tines are also reversible to free large objects or rubble that can build up and jam the tine axle solid.

In addition, presentation has not been overlooked either. We feel that the better it looks the more likely it would improve its marketing edge for you, our customer, whether it be for resale, a customer requesting to hire it over your opponents machines or just looking great as a part of your landscaping outfit, the Bullant Rotary Hoe sure looks the part.


  • 13.5hp Robin Motor
  • Free Wheeling Hubs
  • Reverse Tilling Operation
  • Hydraulic deadman operation
  • Variable Speed  - Forward / Reverse
  • Lifting Point
  • Solid steel crash bar
  • Single grease daily point
  • Adjustable cutting depth bar
  • Four bolt engine replacement
  • Tamper proof internal hydraulic configuration
  • Double bevelled tines
  • Six month commercial warranty (return to factory
Built to last

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Australian MadeAll Bullant Machinery is made in Australia by Australian Trades people for true Australian conditions. Don't risk it, buy Australian.